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Youth-Driven Healthy South LA

BUILDing Healthy Communities, One Street at a Time

Friday, March 11, 2016

By Kelly Bruno, President and CEO, National Health Foundation

The BUILD Health Challenge Community Health Liaisons presented their plan at the most recent National Health Foundation board of directors meeting.

In the Historic South Central Los Angeles area, a group of highly motivated youth spent several months surveying and interviewing members of their community in an effort to craft solutions that reduce the prevalence of obesity, diabetes and other cardiovascular disease in their neighborhood. It’s a tall order for the ‘Community Health Liaisons,’ but their enthusiasm and creativity have proven to be just the antidote for a community looking to improve its health. READ MORE >

South Los Angeles is one of the most disenfranchised, underserved communities in the nation. With over 1 million people lacking convenient access to healthy food or open space for physical activity, it is not surprising that residents disproportionately suffer from high rates of overweight and obesity (over 70% of adults) and other chronic diseases. A traditional approach to the health disparities here might be to impose sweeping changes on systems already in place, but when we asked the people who make up this community what they needed in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, the answers were much closer to home. READ MORE >

Community outreach flier for the Youth Envisioned Streets event.

On February 27, 2016 between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. there will be a Great Streets pop-up event on Central Avenue between 33rd Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Mayor Eric Garcetti launched the Great Streets Initiative to help re-envision neighborhood centers, one main street at a time. All Los Angeles neighborhoods deserve Great Streets that are livable, accessible, and engaging public spaces for the people who live and work around them. READ MORE >