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Youth-Driven Healthy South LA

South LA Voices: Re-Imagining Health

The Community Health Liaisons selected community leaders and stakeholders to interview about upstream solutions to combat the health disparities in South LA. The youth developed the questions and conducted the interviews to help better understand the health disparities present in South Los Angeles. They used their findings to narrow down the upstream solution proposed in the Community Action Plan.

Interview #1 - Jorge Nuño, Nuevo South

The first interview was with Jorge Nuño, founder Nuevo South, a nonprofit organization in South Los Angeles, and a business owner. He owns the "Big House," a community hub open to residents located in the center of South LA. A lifetime resident of South LA, Mr. Nuño understands the struggles residents of South LA face, and he dedicates his work improve his community.



"My favorite activity during the BUILD Program was when I had the chance to interview Jorge Nuño." - Jocelyn Hernandez, Community Health Liaison

Interview #2 - Azusena Favela, South Central Neighborhood Council

Azusena Favela has been a resident of South LA for 35 years. She holds a seat as a board member in the South Central Neighborhood Council and through her professional work she helps involves making healthy food and quality health care more accessible for South Los Angeles.

Interview #3 - Councilmember Curren D. Price Jr.

Curren D. Price Jr. was born and raised in South Los Angeles. He was elected to represent the 9th District of Los Angeles as a city council member in July 2013. Price is a graduate of Stanford University and University of Santa Clara, and brings decades of experience in public service, in which he has earned a reputation of fighting for others and getting the job done.



Interview #4 - Father Tim, St. Patrick's Church

Father Tim has been a catholic priest for 42 years. He has been assigned to the South LA community for the past 25 years. Father Tim is a highly respected member of the community for his involvement in the lives of the families in his parish, along with his willingness to open the church's resources for community projects. He is very popular in the Latino community for his fun but meaningful mass sermons.

Interview #5 - Leticia Estrada, Zumba and Aerobics 4157

Leticia Estrada is the owner of Zumba and Aerobics 4157 in South Los Angeles. She is known in the community for having affordable exercise classes along for her determination in encouraging her community to eat healthier and exercise.