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Youth-Driven Healthy South LA

Community Health Liaisons

Nine emerging leaders from three South LA high schools were selected and trained as Community Health Liaisons for the Youth-Driven Healthy South LA project. These 10th through 12th grade students were chosen through a competitive process that reviewed their interests as well as their skills. These nine teens were selected for their motivation, past experiences and commitment to their community.


Our Community Health Liaisons are the driving force behind this project, which is truly an internship opportunity that provides education and leadership training on community health, local government, data collection, and event planning. The Community Health Liaisons meet once a week to discuss health disparities in their community and brainstorm upstream solutions that can improve social determinants of health. The teens have led comprehensive data collection efforts, including disseminating community questionnaires, conducting key informant interviews with community leaders, and engaging stakeholders in discussions regarding health disparities and health equity.  These young leaders played an important role in developing the upstream solutions that will be implemented in the next phase of the project, beginning Fall 2016.



Community Health Liaisons touring the Big House in South Los Angeles

April 2016

Community Health Liaison Team

Community Health Liaison Project Timeline

"I enjoyed the BUILD program because it gave me an opportunity to meet different South Central businesses and organizations. This program also challenged my self-esteem and when I confronted my fears, I felt successful." - Uriel Rivas, Community Health Liaison