A program of National Health Foundation


The BUILD Health LA initiative is a community driven action plan working to address complex, community health issues through upstream and innovative approaches to improve the health and well-being of residents of the Historic South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles.


This initiative, spearheaded by National Health Foundation, in partnership with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and California Hospital Medical Center, was made possible by a grant award provided by the BUILD Health Challenge.


After careful research and planning led by a group of youth leaders from the Historic South Central community, a community action plan was developed to address key barriers to health that prevent residents from leading a healthy lifestyle.


Included in this action plan are free BUILD Health LA Food Vouchers, free exercise classes, healthy food access initiatives, youth leader development programs, and park safety assessments. Our vision is that Historic South Central LA becomes a place where youth, family and adults can access healthy food, be physically active outside and feel supported in maintaining healthy lifestyles.