Patient Safety First…a California Partnership for Health (PSF) has been a catalyst for improving safety and quality in California hospitals for the past six years. A pioneer in the patient safety movement, PSF is nationally recognized for its collaborative model and significant achievements in reducing rates of hospital acquired infections and sepsis mortality as well as improving maternal care. These achievements have not only transformed quality of healthcare for Californians and saved lives, but have also generated substantial cost savings for the healthcare industry. With over 180 hospital participants, PSF remains one of the largest, most sustainable patient safety collaboratives in the nation.

In 2016, PSF partners Anthem Blue Cross, National Health Foundation, Hospital Association of Southern California, Hospital Council of Northern and Central California and Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties will continue to work together to offer PSF programming to hospitals across California.


  • Sepsis Mortality
  • NTSV C-Section Rates
  • OB Hemorrhage

In addition to continuing to provide programing to hospitals, in 2016 PSF partners will conduct an environmental scan of the hospital industry to determine potential new areas of focus for PSF in 2017 and beyond. If you are a hospital representative and are interested in participating in our hospital survey process, please contact Mia Arias at marias@nhfca.org

Phase 2 Data Entry

ICD-10 Data Submission Supplement
Please download this document to help you pull PSF data if your hospital has transitioned to ICD-10 coding.

Data Submission

PSF Hospitals please use the link below to log-into the database: www.nhfca.org/PatientSafetyFirst

Latest News

The Phase 1-Three Year Report is now available to download.
Phase 1 (2010-2012) PSF Report

The Phase 1 brochure highlighting outcomes and results is now available.
Phase 1 brochure

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