In 2010 Patient Safety First…a California Partnership for Health was launched to improve quality of care, reduce health care costs and ultimately save lives by improving patient safety and perinatal care in California. Patient Safety First (PSF) is a groundbreaking partnership between National Health Foundation, California’s Regional Hospital Associations, Anthem Blue Cross and over 160 hospitals across the state. Over the first three years (2010-2012) of this program hospitals reported phenomenal results, including:

  • 74% reduction in early elective deliveries prior to 39 weeks gestational age
  • 57% reduction in cases of Ventilator Assisted Pneumonia
  • 43% reduction in cases of Central Line Blood Stream Infections
  • 26% reduction in Sepsis mortality
  • 3,576 deaths avoided as a result of reduction in Sepsis mortality
  • $63 million in costs avoided for participating hospitals

The efforts of Patient Safety First have been recognized by several awards, most notably the esteemed 2013 John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Award from the National Quality Forum and The Joint Commission.

Based on the success of the first three years of this initiative, Patient Safety First entered into Phase 2 in 2013 and is currently in its sixth year of operation. Phase 2 of this initiative focuses on new aspects of patient safety and continues to build upon the work of the first four years of this project.


  • Sepsis Mortality
  • C. Difficile
  • Surgical Safety/Never Events
  • Early Elective Deliveries under 39 weeks
  • C-Section Rates
  • OB Hemorrhage

Phase 2 Data Entry

ICD-10 Data Submission Supplement
Please download this document to help you pull PSF data if your hospital has transitioned to ICD-10 coding.

Data Submission

PSF Hospitals please use the link below to log-into the database: www.nhfca.org/PatientSafetyFirst

Latest News

The Phase 1-Three Year Report is now available to download.
Phase 1 (2010-2012) PSF Report

The Phase 1 brochure highlighting outcomes and results is now available.
Phase 1 brochure

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