National Health Foundation (NHF) received a grant from the AT&T Foundation that enhanced the breadth of services provided to participants through the Harold Cares About Your Future: Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program. NHF designed and implemented the Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program, a 10-week school-based program that combines individual and peer group educational sessions. Core program activities include a series of weekly workshops and presentations that help youth reach the following goals: (1) avoid a second pregnancy, (2) remain in high school with the goal of graduation, (3) prepare for employment by learning job search and interview skills, (4) gain enhanced parenting abilities and (5) utilize appropriate health care for self and child.

This web-based data collection and evaluation system was developed to monitor program participants and outcomes, provide ongoing resources and education, and maintain strong interpersonal connections. This database tool developed by NHF includes: capturing the quantitative data to monitor program objectives and outcomes, maintain participant contact information, and provide ongoing resources, education and information to program participants. By capturing this data, NHF and its partners have the ability to evaluate the impact of their programs and continue to provide resources and referrals to participants after program completion.